Why You Should Take a Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco

Morocco has a great deal to offer but one of the primary highlights in this particular African country will be the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert may be the biggest popular desert within the environment and is a bucket list location for many. The concept of spending a night in a camp under countless stars as well as climbing sand dunes to view the sunset is certainly a stylish body.

Really, what are you able to expect from a Morocco desert tour? Here is what you have to know.
What You Have to Learn about Taking a Sahara Desert Tour

Among the first things you have to realize when planning the Morocco custom tour of yours would be that the Sahara Desert can’t be visited as one day trip. The Sahara Desert is very far from the key cities of Morocco including Fez and Marrakech and demands a minimum of a three day trip.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a great deal of driving required to reach the Sahara Desert from possibly Fez or Marrakech which means that you are going to spend a lot of time relaxing in an automobile. Because of this, it is vital that you make sure you’ve a respected guide as well as go with an established company. You need to make certain you’re comfy and also have a bit of room. You do not wish being squashed in like a sardine.

While the thought of shelling out a big chunk of your family vacation stuck in an automobile traveling is not ideal, the great news would be that the scenery in the process is definitely gorgeous. From snow capped mountains to flower covered hills, as well as certain forests with resident monkeys. You are able to nap in case you wish to, but believe in me when I mention that you’ll like searching out the window.

Do not worry, you’ll also earn lots of photo stops in the process. You’ll often have extended stops at a number of places to provide you with the moment to explore several of the region’s most incredible places. These include Todra Gorge and Ait Ben Haddou that is a UNESCO World Heritage website that you might recognize from movies like Gladiator, The Mummy, Prince of Persia, and Game of Thrones.

Insider tip: Since this’s such an extended journey with a great deal of driving, it is in your best interests making it worth the while of yours. Many Sahara Desert tours begin and finish in similar location, but in case you are taking a private Morocco guided tour, and then you are able to personalize it a little. To help make the best out of your journey decide to start in End and Marrakech in Fez (or maybe vice versa) which means you do not wind up backtracking. By doing this you’ll also have to experience much more of the countryside as you’ll clearly take various routes to/from the wasteland itself.

What’s a Sahara Desert Camp Like?

You will find many sorts of Sahara Desert camps out there based on the organization you select and the finances of yours. It’s definitely worth your while to invest a bit more and perform a luxury Morocco Tour absolutely make sure you receive the get a top-quality desert camp. This’s for a few various reasons.

Firstly, odds are this’s an one time in a lifetime experience so you will need succeed unforgettable. It is well worth the splurge, particularly after spending a lot of time in a car you are going to want the own comfortable space of yours.

Second, cheaper Sahara Desert camps have a name for being dirty as well as having bedbugs and that isn’t one thing you wish to have to cope with during your Morocco tour. Therefore, do yourself a favor and also invest the additional cash with this aspect of the journey of yours.

With the bigger end Sahara Desert camps, you are going to have a private tent that has its very own shower and bathroom. Breakfast and dinner is going to be served in a bigger tent as really a family style event. After dinner, there is going to be a campfire with music that is live.

The morning is going to be a beginning start, really early on should you decide to stand up for sunrise in the wasteland. While early wakeup call may not be great for a getaway, sunrise in the wasteland may be worth getting up for.

If you undertake a 3 day desert tour, remember that you’ll just be paying one evening in the Sahara Desert itself. The second night of yours is going to be at a contemporary hotel in a city en route to help break down the drive.
What to Pack for any Sahara Desert Tour

Really, which food do you need for any Sahara Desert tour? Absolutely nothing very valuable, but there are a few items which may be handy.

The largest factor is layers. It is going to be hot in the desert throughout the day though early morning and the nights is cool. Thus enjoy a t-shirt but a sweater as well as a coat to layer over top.

A little scarf is also a good option to bring. The book of yours, and among the males from the camp, will probably provide to cover it on the mind of yours within the regular desert style that will a) shield you from the heating & b) protect you from blowing sand.

Sunscreen is an obvious must as are sunglasses. You’ll most likely also need to ensure you’ve closed toe shoes (a tennis shoe is) that is fine as the desert sand is extremely sexy plus it is much easier for climbing sand dunes.

If perhaps you’re a photographer make certain to bring a tripod to photograph the stars. They’re genuinely stunning in this particular part of the planet. Check out the post of ours of the packing strategies for females heading to morocco here.
What if I Do not Have Time that is enough?

As I pointed out previously, the Sahara Desert must be a minimum of a 3 day drive to reach the real Sahara Desert. It is far to examine in less time. Nevertheless, in case you do not have three days to spare, you are able to still enjoy yourself combat experiences like camel riding or maybe 4×4 adventures. They will not occur in the Sahara itself, but you’ll find desert type areas closeby to Marrakech which enable you to perform these kinds of items as one day trip. Simply talk in your Morocco luxury tour operator to create one thing up.