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What we like about Morocco is its distinctive range – from deserts to mountains to active Atlantic shores & early medinas. Discover our own regional chart to help you get you started.


Morocco is a land of colour, contrast and character. The Epic brand of discovery unlocks under-the-skin experiences that actually reach the center of what we discover specific about the school. From checking out several of Marrakech’s much more off beat locations by vintage sidecar to learning how to prepare the Moroccan strategy with a Fez family members, there is anything for any age and interests. Select a category and explore several of the suggestions of ours.
Morocco Inspiration

Everyone likes to travel the own way of theirs so we pride ourselves on our fully customizable method to travel planning, though a bit of inspiration does not go amiss. See below some tips we’ve constructed from many years of experience.

Household Adventure

Morocco tours are an ideal location for adventurous families. It is the mix of established experiences, the family friendly culture as well as the natural excitement of the put that make it like a top option for families who actually value the advantages of travel.


Grand Discovery

This bucket list trip is created for those who like the vacations of theirs to be journeys. A see all, do all voyage of discovery through a nation that’s unparalleled in its fusion of culture, adventure, exhilarating towns and great landscapes


Honeymoon Escape

It is difficult to imagine anywhere as exotic and romantic as Morocco. Vacations and honeymoons for today’s couples frequently go beyond the standard idea of sitting on a shore, and so continue reading for our fully flexible suggestions.


Exactly where to stay

Morocco is about surprises. Nondescript doors wide open into palaces, crumbling village alleyways give way to chic, adobe brick havens of eco style. With a strong historical past of locally made artisan products, decoration is in the cutting edge of the extensive and diverse variety of options. Contribute to this the Moroccan tradition of hospitality and you’ve an enticing combination of world class attributes.

The Epic way is focusing on character, style and friendliness, and less on generic chain properties and facilities. Constant curiosity, insider knowledge, and experience, keeps us developing and exploring our profile of places to keep on a regular basis. Discover several of our favourite picks throughout the nation as well as follow up with our skilled team to house in on your ideal choices.