Why You Should Outsource Node.js Development?

Through the years, JavaScript has managed to garner the standing of the most widely used client side programming language. Nearly every front end framework, whether it is Angular or even React, uses JavaScript at the core of its and also offers designers the capability to produce active web solutions.

Nevertheless, these frameworks lack one factor, i.e., server side programming. Undoubtedly, they’ve a wide range of attributes that make front end development a hassle free task, though not one of these frameworks offer a JavaScript based backend remedy.

This’s when Node.js development enters the picture. If you have been focusing on the programming world, you might by now know that Node is now the most sought after Javascript based solution, particularly for developing enterprise level projects.

Based on a Statista report, 49.9 % of designers apply Node.js, which makes it the most widely used option for web growth.

Thus, why don’t we discuss several of the facts which make Node.js a dependable development application and also the reason you must pick it for the project of yours. Additionally, we will explain why it is advisable to outsource nodejs development instead of hiring an in house development team.
What’s NodeJS?

To begin with, why don’t we bust several of the most typical myths regarding Node.js.

Unlike other JavaScript based tools, Node.js is neither a framework neither a library. It’s an open source JavaScript run-time environment which supports client side and also server side programming.

While lots of people consider Node.js as a back end development framework, that is false either. It’s quite a cross platform runtime environment that is commonly used-to create real time powerful web programs, video streaming apps, along with various other large scale web apps.

Allow me to share several of the elements which have made Node.js the very first choice of countless developers across the globe:

It supports server-side and client-side coding using JavaScript itself.
Developing real time web applications is simpler with Node.js.
The event driven I/O model makes it possible to build scalable web applications.
Node.js is open source.
npm (Node Package Manager) support decreases project complexity while creating a large scale web program.

Precisely why Choose NodeJS for Web App Development?

Today we have talked about what’s Node.js and the reason it is used, let us dive even further and discuss exactly why Node.js is the ideal solution for modern day web application development.

Single Programming Language

Unlike other front end frameworks, Node.js depends on JavaScript for both back-end and front-end development.
Since the developers do not need to use another server side programming language, it gets easier to create the code and minimize the complete development period.
This is very advantageous when you are planning to produce a high scale web application and wish to launch it quickly.

Top Performance

Node.js is an incredibly impressive runtime environment for web app development. It utilizes Google Chrome’s V8, an open source JavaScript engine, and that is very quickly. Since V8 is backed by Google, it gets regular posts to allow for the newest JavaScript features.

In a nutshell, High performance is on the list of main reasons the reason why developers choose Node.js. Following an event driven architecture, Node has got the power to deal with several connection requests simultaneously.
With Nodejs development, developers may even manage a huge number of simultaneous connections seamlessly while not impacting the performance in the least.


Scalability is still another critical factor which makes Node.js an incredibly impressive web development tool. With Node.js developers can readily scale their current applications horizontally and also vertically.
A node application contains many nodes that speak with one another and supply the desired functionality on the user. With regards to turning an app horizontally, a developer just must increase the nodes to the current system.

npm: Node Package Manager

npm is an exclusive Node.js element which separates it from some other web development tools. NPM stands for Node Package Manager which enables programmers to install/reuse little packages, likewise referred to as modules, to increase the development speed.
The idea behind providing a separate npm tool is it saves a large amount of time as developers do not need to write smaller features. They are able to just download and integrate the necessary package and rapidly develop different modules of the web application of theirs.
npm tool comes built in with every Node.js fitting, which means developers will not need to use any third party application. Because of the npm support, Node.js development provides efficient and quick product deployment.

These’re a number of the functions which have created a huge number of developers shift from their current development framework to Node.js.
Just how Outsourcing Node.js Development Can help The Business of yours

Despite having a multitude of effective features, Node.js is an intricate tool. It takes expertise to use various tools of Node.js and also develop customer centric web applications. That is why the vast majority of businesses decide to outsource nodejs growth to an offshore development agency such as intelvision.pro/technologies/node-js.

Undoubtedly, you can hire an in house development team, but that’s a very costly deal, particularly when you want to hire probably the very best Node.js developers for the project of yours.