How to Perform an HP Laptop Battery Replacement

n case you had not noticed, the battery in your laptop isn’t indicated to last permanently. You may have understood that you invest hrs billing your laptop only to have it run out of battery power within a brief time period. This is because in time, your battery’s ability decreases so will not be the same as it as soon as was.
There’s good news, though. Laptop computer batteries can be changed. So if you’re wondering just how you can set up a new battery on your own, this short article will show you how.
This overview will help you make the repair rapidly and also successfully so you can get back to function as well as enjoy the maximum battery life of your gadget.
Below are the actions you’ll take when changing your computer system’s battery:

Purchase a new HP laptop computer battery
Produce a battery report in Windows
Detach your laptop computer from a power source
Eliminate the back panel of your laptop with a screwdriver
Eliminate your old battery
Link your brand-new battery to the body of your laptop computer
Change the back panel
Validate performance with a brand-new battery record

Let’s get going.

  1. Acquisition a brand-new HP laptop battery
    Before you think about opening your computer system as well as beginning this process, you first need to purchase a new battery. HP’s assistance group can be handy with this, however you can additionally discover the make as well as version of your computer yourself to stay clear of purchasing the incorrect substitute battery.
    Establish your identification number as well as which business your computer system was made by prior to going online to locate a new battery. Additionally, see if you can easily establish the battery’s very own version number and serial number while doing your search.
    If you’re not exactly sure just how to find a substitute battery for an HP laptop computer, you have a couple of alternatives:

Make use of the battery finder tool to discover the appropriate substitute
If you require to replace an older computer’s battery, carry out a search on a third-party web site

If you’re questioning “just how much is a hp pavilion battery?” it is necessary to recognize that the rates will vary depending upon your laptop computer’s age. It might likewise be more difficult and cost-prohibitive to locate a replacement battery if you’re trying to find one for an older computer system. Make certain you weigh the cost of changing the battery against the cost of a brand-new laptop computer.

  1. Develop a battery record in Windows
    Prior to you do an HP battery replacement, you must obtain a concept of exactly how well your battery is doing. Windows has made this easy with its battery report. Below’s exactly how you can create the report:
  2. Click the lower-left edge of your screen to bring up the Command Prompt
  3. Enter “powercgg/batteryreport” and after that struck “Enter”.
  4. A report on the state of the battery will certainly be saved.
  5. Click on your Individuals folder to locate and also evaluate the battery report.
    The record offers a summary of exactly how the battery done in the past as well as an introduction of its previous three billing cycles. You will want to have a look at the Layout Capacity vs the Complete Charge Capacity in order to identify whether it is worth replacing the battery.
    If there is a big distinction in between how much the battery can hold when you unpacked your computer system as well as now, after that it’s likely a replacement is required.
  6. Separate your laptop from the source of power.
    This is the simplest step in the procedure however it births duplicating. Along with totally powering down your laptop, you will likewise wish to ensure you have disconnected it from the power source. If not, you will certainly remain in major danger of harming yourself via an electric shock.
  7. Remove the back panel of your laptop with a screwdriver.
    Most HP laptops call for the elimination of the back panel for a battery substitute. This means that you could have to buy a Phillips-head # 0 screwdriver or a laptop opening set, both of which are affordable and can make the procedure of installing a new battery much simpler.
    There may be some rubber feet on the back panel that you’ll need to remove before you can access the battery, yet this relies on your HP laptop design. Utilize a plastic opening device to pry off the rubber, which will enable you to eliminate the screws that hold the body of your laptop together.
    Make use of the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws on the back panel and afterwards carefully eliminate the back cover of your laptop computer. This might need you to utilize the plastic device once again to loosen the sides. It’s usually less complicated to start behind-the-scenes as well as very carefully remove the panel, however make sure to take care not to hurt the elements inside.
  8. Remove your laptop battery.
    Use your Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding your battery in place within the body of the computer. After it is loosened, you will certainly need to separate the wire that attaches your battery to your system. Be careful when doing this because these components are fragile as well as you can create future issues if you damage them. Also, see to it to eliminate the battery completely from your device.
    Take the new battery out of the packaging and make sure it is free from any type of plastic. Check that it’s without a doubt the correct battery for your device so it won’t cause any kind of compatibility concerns. Location the battery into the slot on your laptop computer and ensure it is aligned effectively.
  9. Attach your brand-new battery to the body of your laptop.
    Now, you can begin the process of attaching the brand-new battery. After you insert the new battery, you will certainly require to reverse the steps you just finished to obtain your computer up and running once again.

Attach the cable television on your computer to the brand-new battery very carefully.
Screw your battery back into the body of your device.
Make certain the battery is firmly in position, but not also tight otherwise it can damage some components.

  1. Change the back panel.
    Align the back cover to the remainder of your laptop prior to utilizing your Phillips screwdriver to put the cover back on. Once more, you’ll wish to beware not to make points also tight or too loosened, since either one can harm your device. Replace the rubber footings on the bottom of your laptop if your computer has them.
  2. Verify efficiency with a brand-new battery report.
    When everything is aligned and also put back together, connect your computer system right into a source of power. After a few mins of billing, activate your laptop computer to make sure everything begins effectively. If your laptop computer appears to be functioning appropriately, you will certainly want to carry out another battery record to see what your Design Ability is and if it all looks the way you would anticipate. If it does, you prepare to use your laptop again – this time around with appropriate battery life!