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Facial Recognition CCTV Use in Retail Settings

ID checks are the standard procedure for a precautionary measure against terrorist attacks . However, this is likely to be obsolete. It’s coming to a time when you won’t need to show our ID cards since you’re probably not aware that it will be easy to identify ourselves. Security cameras take a look at your face and will be matched with your name, and there will be a huge load of information about you as well, thanks to facial recognition that’s automatic.

It is undisputed that there are a number of benefits associated with the installation of CCTV security cameras. Before that, how does this facial recognition within CCTV operates?

What is the process behind Facial Recognition Technology Work?

Facial recognition is a type of biometric software that allows its users to recognize a person through a digital image. This technology maps out the facial features of individuals being identified mathematically, and saves their data in a database. These algorithms, which are based on mathematical principles generally follow these stages of image processing in only a few seconds:


There are numerous distinct landmarks on the faces of everyone and the initial stage that the system follows is the gathering of physical or behavioral samples in a certain area. The majority of the time, these samples are taken in predetermined conditions within the time frame.


After all the relevant information has been gathered, samples would be extracted individually. Through these samples, the system would generate templates that would serve as the foundation for the upcoming verification process.


After the extraction has complete, the next phase of image processing would be the process of comparison. In this phase the information gathered would be compared to the available templates. The majority of software measure an eye’s distance as well as the depth of the eye sockets, the width of the nose, and the shape of cheekbones as well as the length of the jawline.


After the stage of comparison, the system of the face detection technology will automatically proceed into the match stage. In this stage, the technology will check how the face features captured are compatible with the existing templates in the system.

This technological advancement is often used to reshape security surveillance in retail settings and application of border controls. In this section, you’ll be in a position to study it in greater detail.

The Application of Technology in Retail Settings

The majority of employees working in retail shops are constantly in contact with other people. As a result, they tend to forget about the people who they’ve interacted with in the course of time. With the aid of CCTV cameras equipped with face recognition functions, these retail establishments will be able keep track of the people who visit and go to your business website. In addition you can also used to detect shoplifters and other banned individuals as they enter the premises before they are too late.

Apart from that facial recognition CCTV cameras are also able to assist retail businesses by analyzing patterns of traffic and demographical data of their customers. By doing this, business managers can gain insights as they decide on their companies interior design, advertising positioning, and staffing.

The technology’s use for Border Control Applications

Apart from its applications in the retail setting, facial recognition CCTV cameras can be used in application for border security. Through this technology, the monitoring of passengers who enter airports via electronic gates in different border control points has become simpler. It also allowed airport personnel to carry out automated passport checks for the authenticating of the traveler.

Pros and Cons of Face Recognition Technology in the Business World

If you’re now aware of the ways in which facial recognition technology operates and the ways it’s employed in the workplace, it’s the right time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using it. If you know these facts can help you to assess the capabilities of the technology to improve your business processes. Furthermore, this also allows you to tweak the technology’s weaknesses and make use of it.

The advantages of using Face Recognition Systems:

Improved Business Safety and Security

It’s obvious how the integration of face recognition technology into surveillance cameras will dramatically increase your business’s safety and security. Not only that, but every person who visits your site will be accounted for Face recognition systems could also notify you if it senses intruders on your premises. Additionally, this can help businesses to reduce the need for additional security personnel to ensure security of the business.

High Accuracy of Image Captures

There is no doubt that facial ID technology is an efficient tool that for monitoring the people that enter and leave your establishment. In addition, this advance in technology also has the ability to offer businesses an unbeatable security system that can be used to take pictures with high accuracy. With that said, facial recognition technology can provide businesses with assurance that their online presence is safe and secure for both their business and customers.

Complete Automation of Verification Process

Before this technology was developed, security guards had to check manually to ensure a match. Because of the advancements in technology today the verification process has become fully automated. For this reason, firms were able assure their security system’s accuracy efficiently and effectively. This current setup is not just convenient for the companies that utilize it, this also aids them in reducing cost for security without jeopardizing their businesses’ safety.

Reliability of Time Attendance Tracking Features

Other than the ones previously mentioned In addition, facial recognition systems provide companies with a reliable time-keeping tracker to their workers. By doing this, businesses are given the ability to stop the likelihood of time fraud among workers. As everyone is required to be scanned by a facial scanner that it will be impossible for them to manipulate their clock-ins or clock-outs while at work. However, facial recognition technology could help companies increase the reliability and accuracy of their time attendance tracking system.

The cons of using the Face Recognition Systems:

Limited Data Storage

While facial recognition technology can provide promising benefits to companies, the data that it accumulates could take up plenty of space as time goes. Due to this, limited storage of data is the primary obstacle for users of this technology all over the world.

Most business organizations overcome this dilemma by utilizing several computers to process everything. While it’s a lot of space and expensive, it allows businesses to keep their data and at a quicker rate. And unless the face ID technology of the world develops it, this will be an obstacle for its users.

It is necessary to have multiple surveillance cameras Angles

Another disadvantage of using this method is the requirement for multiple camera surveillance angles. If you don’t, your company’s facial recognition systems will become susceptible to setbacks and failures. This is why it’s essential to make sure you’ve got several angles, including angles like a 45-degree profile angle, a profile angle, frontal angle and more, if you are looking to get precise match results. Furthermore, it’s also recommended by experts to keep your database current with your data if want to ensure the accuracy of your security system in verifying the identity of individuals.

Cost of meeting Quality and Image Size Requirements

In the face detection system’s comparison or matching, it is able to capture an image of the individual in the photograph and matches it with the templates that are enrolled. In order to assure the accuracy of results of this process it is advised that firms make use of high-quality cameras and trusted face tracking software. When you fail to meet the image dimensions and quality standards it is likely that you will be faced with issues during the process of recognizing faces.

Although the investment will pay off in the long run, the initial investment can be really expensive. With that said, it is undisputed that you need to invest to get the most benefit that facial recognition systems provide.

Alongside the benefits for business that facial recognition technology offers, there are limitations and challenges need to be addressed. Even so, the advantages that this technology provides far outweigh the disadvantages with it. When you make the proper preparation and tweaking, you will be able overcome these difficulties and make most of the technology–and this will help you gain an advantage in the business world.

See how facial recognition on CCTV cameras can alter the look of the security of your business using the assistance of IT expert experts of managed IT services like House of IT. With this method you’ll be able to get the CCTV infrastructure that works most effectively for your company and effectively integrate face detection systems. They will not only aid you in increasing your company’s security and security, they can also assist you to keep your security system in good shape over the years.