Economics and Precision Engineering at Larger Scales

Now that we’ve taken the time to specify the accuracy scale, it is necessary to keep in mind that the application of accuracy engineering concepts as well as techniques is not limited to such scales. At Practical Accuracy, we have actually helped a wide-range of clients in industries that are not typically considered accuracy manufacturing with:

Tooling and also fixturing made use of in production (usually combined with automation and also robotics) to improve throughput and also return.
Interchangeability of engineering variations and also of substitute components, in production as well as in the field, for enhanced product adaptability, use, and after-market sales as well as upgrades.
Absence of access for service and also change in extreme as well as widely varying atmospheres; the very same techniques that make certain security in a precision device can be utilized to develop an equipment that endures a large range of temperatures as well as various other environmental impacts over a lengthy life, without maintenance.

My favorite variation of a widely known engineering saying is:

Anyone can create a bridge that will not drop.

It takes an engineer to engineering a bridge that just barely will not fall down.

This stating has to do with having the expertise to not over layout a solution. Regarding understanding the options of products and also building and construction strategies offered, and also recognizing the tradeoffs and also impacts of those options. It’s about economics.

Whether a trouble is an accuracy engineering issue comes down to whether or not the devices and strategies that comprise the method of accuracy engineering are a financially helpful means to accomplish the engineering goals. The monetary price– of growth, of production, of assistance– is a constraint similar to precision, weight, or tightness.

As a Precision engineering company we provide a range of remedies for any kind of given problem such as place security, from kinematic places to quasi-kinematic places to a basic trine machined pads and also reliefs divided by an appropriate distance. Which is the proper option relies on the application.

Equally as a mechanical engineer collaborating with complex systems take advantage of an understanding of electronic devices and also controls engineering (and also the other way around), an understanding of the concepts of precision engineering and their application can profit any kind of specialist, engineer, or manager involved in the growth of complex systems.