How VCI Works

What is VCI Technology?

VCI may be the generic phrase for “volatile corrosion inhibitor,” “vapor corrosion inhibitor,” or maybe “Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor,” a groundbreaking technology which simplifies corrosion protection and it is perfect for keeping enclosed void areas (e.g., equipment internals, packages, or maybe structural metal cavities) rust free.

Just how Does VCI Paper Work?

VCI technology works to make a defensive environment within each package or maybe enclosure where it’s applied. VCIs inside fluids, powders, or packaging materials travel through the air to develop an invisible shielding shield on metallic surfaces in the enclosed room. This VCI shield doesn’t alter metal properties. Rather, it hinders the capability of oxygen, dampness, and any other corrosive components to attack the metallic covering and ensure it is rust. After the metallic thing is taken from the VCI packaging or maybe enclosed room, the VCIs float away, so the metallic pieces, machinery, and solutions are prepared for instant use, absolutely no washing or even degreasing required.

Advantages of VCI/VpCI Technology

VCI technology has numerous benefits. As suggested, it usually doesn’t require the specific removal of a covering or maybe greasy rust preventative. This reduces hazardous waste and labor time disposal fees from being forced to clean off traditional petroleum based rust preventatives – typically with solvent-based cleaners. Additionally, it resolves the issue of protecting complex tools internals (e.g., boilers, pipes, valves) exactly where it will be hard if not impossible to apply a layer or maybe liquid rust preventative. VCIs don’t need a continuous source of power as required for dehumidification systems. VCI technologies protect many metal styles and also function in multiple phases – fluid, vapor, and user interface – so that they may be utilized to prevent corrosion on metallic surfaces below and also above the substance level in water therapy or maybe oil and also gas applications. The attributes of VCI packaging material perform in concert to save money and time and also provide much more thorough, reliable, and also easier-to-use safety than a variety of various other metals preservation strategies.