Finding the best location in the UK for your warehouse

The old adage is absolutely true with regards to choosing a warehouse. It’s about location.

Distribution expenses and service levels will be influenced by the place of your respective warehouse.

In this powerful e commerce fueled economy, that places convenience and speed of delivery at the top part of customers wishlists, getting a warehouse for sale and distribution center in a main UK location has become more and more vital.

Where must you be searching for your warehouse?

Clearly, the’ golden’ spot is quite literally in the Midlands Golden Triangle.

The basic place slap bang in the middle of the nation consists of three sides, M42, M6 and the M1. The spot is really stretching so far as North Nottinghamshire and right down to Northamptonshire.

Third party warehouses are wanting to work with beauty makes in the UK’s premier place for logistics plus distribution operations.

The golden triangle is very valuable.

In case you are searching for warehouse room for your brand name, the Midlands has 150 million square foot of garden, that is under the common, as well land costs are under average, which means you are able to get it at a fantastic value.

Ninety eight % of the UK public could be reached to a four hour drive because of the triangles amazing central location. It is ideal for the demanding same day and also following day deliveries.

The spot is serviced by two main airports, Birmingham International as well as East Midlands. EMA features the UK’s biggest dedicated natural freight hub plus DHL, TNT, Parcelforce as well as UPS almost all have big operations based there.

2 rail freight terminals are placed in the area with strong links across the nation and out to Europe.

Major ports like Felixstowe and Grimsby are a couple of hours out.

The spot is very literally a springboard into Europe!

A lot of the UK’s main beauty retailers like Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis, Spencers and marks, Tesco and Asda have big distribution sites in and also near the triangle, making logistics cost effective and’ on time’ distribution about hundred % achievable.

Would you believe you’re convinced?

A fast appearance at the stella models with bases in the triangle will persuade you.

Tesco – one million square feet of factory in Northampton at junction eighteen of the M1. This’s the biggest massing of room in the company’s portfolio.

Wilkinson’s – A multi million pound distribution centre at Worksop in North Nottinghamshire.