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Causes For No Hot Water But The Boiler Is Working

We are often unaware of the importance of hot water in our lives. But, if you realize that you aren’t getting hot water coming from the taps in the morning, you’ll quickly realize how important we consider it. If the hot water you have isn’t hot You’ll surely be interested in knowing what you can do to fix the issue on your own or if you’ll have to call experts to solve the issue. Find out the meaning when you do not have hot water, but the heating is working and what you can do if this occurs to you.

Make sure you have water, Electric And Gas Supplies

No matter what kind of boiler you own the first thing you need to look at is whether the energy source is functioning in a proper manner. Verify that the water supply is running since it could have been switched off accidentally and it is a easy fix that you could fix yourself.

You can try resetting your boiler

If the boiler isn’t ready to heat water, restarting the boiler can aid. Some boilers come with reset buttons which you can operate on your own (without needing to take off the casing of the boiler). If yours has one you, then try for resetting your boiler. This can resolve the issue.

Make Sure You Check The Thermostat

The modern boiler allows users to alter their radiator or hot water temperature fast and easily by using the help of a thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat isn’t accidentally set to an unintentionally cold setting. Try setting your thermostat to on high to see if your boiler is able to start up. If so, the problem is solved.

Make Sure The Timer Is On And The Clock Is On

If your boiler is equipped with a timer and clock be sure it’s correctly set to the right time. If there’s been a power outage or if an electrician switched off the power supply when working at your home or if your clocks have been changed recently and the clock is showing an incorrect time, and your boiler may not be able to start in the exact time you would like.

Do You Think It’s The Diverter Valve?

If your heating is operating normal, but the hot water isn’t flowing from your showers or taps or shower, it could be due to an issue with the diverter valve. It allows combi boilers to effortlessly switch to heating up the water as well as heating the radiators. When the hot tap is turned on, the valve will be opened to let hot water through the tap. If you’ve got a damaged or blocked diverter valve, your hot water might not be working. Our heating experts will be able to resolve the issue for you by giving us a phone call.

Is There an Airlock Within The Pipes?

If you’ve no hot water from boiler but heating working, there may be an airlock inside the pipes. You can fix this by connecting a hose to the cold tap in use and connecting them to hot faucets. The hot tap should be turned on until it’s fully open , then turns on the cold tap completely. The pressure of the water mains could remove the airlock and solve the issue. If it isn’t, you can call our engineers team and we’ll be able to inspect the issue and, if required remove your system.

Are the Pipes frozen?

A common reason for an absence or hot shower is that the pipes have frozen. The condensate pipe is located outside of the house, and as such when it is cold it will become frozen and cause blockage. It is possible to fix this by pouring warm (not hot) water on the pipe.

Do You See Low Pressure in The Boiler?

A variety of heating issues, such as an absence in hot water may be due to low pressure on the boiler. Check the pressure gauge on your boiler. If it’s within the red region or is below 1 bar of pressure, you may revise the pressure of your boiler. If you are experiencing a frequent issue, please give us an email. The issue could be due to a defective part or leak in the system. We can assist in identifying and fixing the issue.

Is the Pilot The Light On?

The most common reason for lack of hot water from your hot water tap could be because the pilot light has failed on the boiler. It’s necessary to light the gas which heats the water within the boiler. If the pilot light isn’t working and you’re not sure how to fix it, adhere to the instructions of your boiler model to ensure that you’re lighting the pilot light properly. If it doesn’t light and the thermocouple isn’t working, it may be an issue. Call our engineers and we’ll check it for you.

Are There Leaks?

Leaks in the central heating system can result in the pressure dropping and, consequently the loss of hot water. It is recommended to contact our expert team of heating engineers a phone call to determine if your heating central system may be leaky with water. We will determine the cause of any leak , and perform repairs to correct the issue.

Get Help from a Professional

If you’re experiencing no hot water however your boiler appears operating in good condition There are a variety of possible reasons this might be the case. If you’ve tried everything we’ve listed here but you’re not certain the reason for this issue Contact one of our Gas Safe heating engineers today.

As professionals in the field and a certified technician, we are able to carry out every necessary check and tests in order to find the root cause and then provide you with valuable advice and recommend the correct fixes or replacements to correct your issues. We are aware that it could be a hassle and a source of stress that you do not have hot water, but your heating system is functioning, so give us an immediate call. We are looking forward to helping bring hot water back to your home, so you can have warm showers again.