Why Choose a 100 Percent Cotton Pilot Shirt?

The majority of pilot shirts on the marketplace today are made entirely or primarily from synthetic textiles. Furthermore, many airline companies provide these shirts to their pilots as they are the cheapest to manufacture. The problem is, they leave us in a sweaty unpleasant mess prior to we also launch our engines.

Below at 4 Stripes, we have actually produced a series of beautiful 100 percent cotton pilot shirts, offering optimum comfort as well as avoiding that clammy feeling at the office. Right here are a few of the many advantages of wearing cotton:

Moisture Control

Cotton is highly absorbing, keeping fluid away from your body. This avoids sweat accumulate in between your skin and also the garment, keeping pilots fresh and also dry. Numerous professionals say that cotton takes in as long as 27 times its weight in water, making it your ideal possibility of staying trendy throughout a hard technique.
Odour Decreasing

Smells are particularly pervasive within a cockpit. Every pilot has actually had the experience of sitting beside a person for extended periods of time that scents terrible. Cotton allows wetness to vaporize far from the body faster, removing problems that microorganisms require to accumulate.


Comfort is integral to cotton clothing. Cotton fibres create less irritation to the skin, making a lengthy job day more manageable. This is particularly common when aviators choose slim fit airline pilot shirts as they are in contact with more of your body.

Cotton is thought about among the most long lasting material kinds. It does not tear of battle royal quickly as well as can stand up to constant washing. Fibers remain integrated for longer compared to artificial fibres and also don’t start to end up being blurry. Whilst cotton pilot shirts are likely much more pricey, they are a sensible investment in the long term.

Cotton shirts have a lovely sheen as well as subtle texture that shows top quality, offering the pilot a more specialist look. Cotton likewise stands up to pilling where balls of tangled fibres develop outside of your shirts. Cotton allows these tablets to diminish in the wash, whereas pills formed by a nylon or polyester material are long-term.

All Weather

Cotton is excellent for diverse temperature level, offering breathability throughout summer season and insulation during winter season. Pilots are expected to operate come rain or shine, and also having cotton pilot shirts are perfect for raising comfort all the time. This is especially appropriate when operating in hotter temperatures and transitioning to the a/c of a flight deck.
Skin pleasant

Cotton garments are hypo-allergenic. It is well established that cotton pilot shirts create far fewer allergic reactions than artificial ones. What’s more, dermatologists suggest utilizing this sort of textile to prevent skin allergic reactions. Likewise, far less toxic substances are made use of in the production of cotton, meaning fewer chemicals are soaked up by the skin.

Whilst cotton pilot shirts are a bit a lot more costly than synthetic ones, and take a little even more ironing, there are a multitude of considerable advantages to the pilot. These shirts are significantly a lot more comfy, odor less and last for longer, making them worth every cent.