Fjällräven’s G-1000 Fabric – An Overview

What is it? What’s the backstory?

G-1000 is a distinctively created textile initially curated by Fjallraven’s Creator AkeNordin. Whilst on an expedition, he made a decision to trying out a camping tent fabric. Ake made himself the initial Fjallraven product– a jacket. Beeswax and Paraffin (Greenland wax) were then added, as well as the textile verified excellent for outside clothes.

What is it good for?

Both wind and water are withstood via this smart blend, as well as dangerous alpha as well as beta sunrays. Durability at its finest. There’s no reason to turn down an experience when furnished with Fjällräven‘s finest.
Just how do I take care of it?

When Fjällräven’s well-known Greenland Wax is massaged into the fabric, the surface area is shielded and also comes to be water repellent. Due to the fact that you are waterproofing your garment on your own, you can include the wax to fit your needs. As an example, if you are trekking via fresh lawn, even more wax can be contributed to the areas you feel will be hit by water the hardest. For a general waterproof jacket, the product must be equally dispersed over all areas of the textile.
It’s cozy outside, how can I wear the material as well as stay awesome all at once?

Luckily, Fjällräven have created an option to this. Whilst the initial G-1000 fabric is the go-to, Fjällräven have several other blends to provide for certain situations and also preferences– wizard!
G-1000 Silent

Ideal for hunting, the ‘Silent’ version of this fantastic textile is combed– the fabric is damaged but makes certain gentleness as well as tranquility when walking around. The Fjällräven Forest Trousers and also Forest Parka are excellent examples.
G-1000 Lite

What it says on the tin– the ‘Lite’ version is light-weight and also cooler– perfect for Summer or for one of those warmer days. The textile is still woven very carefully featuring ripstop threads– the resilience of your item is still high, but the weight is reduced. Perfect! Fjällräven’s Reporter Lite Coat and Vest are both available from The Sporting Lodge, as well as perfect for summer season.
G-1000 Eco

You do not need to be the resident ‘eco warrior’ in order to pay that little extra focus and care to your environments. This is an alternate with ecology in mind– exact same longevity as the original variation, however the cotton has been specifically chosen from accredited farms. Take a look at the Fjällräven Gaiter Pants No. 1– the hardwearing material is excellent for lengthy days invest outdoors, whatever the period.
G-1000 HeavyDuty

An extra solid variation of the original fabric– used for knapsacks and bags in order to supply the greatest of sturdiness! We advise the Fjällräven Kanken No. 2– a sturdier version of Fjällräven’s iconic Kanken backpack, which can be further shielded from the components making use of Greenland Wax.