Options for money transfers to Poland

There are numerous methods to send out money overseas as well as lots of companies contending for your organisation, consisting of financial institutions, money transfer firms and also foreign exchange (FX) brokers. Get a review of your main choices, follow links for more information as well as discover just how to pick what’s finest for you.

Picking exactly how to trade your cash

The best way to send out cash overseas depends upon a number of variables including:

just how much you are sending out
just how much it is mosting likely to cost
just how often you are sending it
just how the individual wants to obtain it
exactly how quickly the cash needs to get there.

Follow these actions to help you obtain a bargain that’s right for you:
Step 1– Look at your options

There are three main options for sending out money:

financial institution or building society
forex (FX) brokers
high road transfer companies (such as Western Union).

As a rule – financial institutions are secure as well as convenient for a normal payments.

FX brokers such as Varsoviafx.com are usually the best alternative if you’re sending out bigger amounts, usually over ₤ 3,000.

Money transfer companies are extremely quickly, but can be more expensive if you’re sending out smaller quantities.
Step 2– Just how much will it cost?

A large range of possible costs and exchange rates can make it really feel complicated to exercise.

So, learn the overall amount of international currency your extra pounds will certainly purchase, nevertheless prices. This gives you a number you can currently contrast versus various other offers.

The prices are in three parts:

Foreign exchange rates – these will certainly change throughout the day so if you’re comparing different offers, try as well as do it within a brief space of time.
Sending fees – what the firm will charge you for transferring the money.
Obtaining fees – fees the receiver may have to cover to obtain the money but you can ask to cover these at your end.

Costs can vary depending upon how much you make a decision to send out, for example some exchanges use better rates if you send more than ₤ 5,000.

A very easy way to start is to get a quote from your financial institution to contrast it to others, consisting of quotes from FX brokers sites like FX Compared.
Step 3– Verify all the details

Once you have discovered the very best worth alternative, you will certainly need to confirm the business can deal with the quantity you wish to move and while frame you desire.

Preferably, ensure you get this in writing by email or post.

Ensure you keep all the paperwork and also receipts in case something fails.
Is my money safe when I move it overseas?

Cash in a UK interest-bearing accounts is shielded by the Financial Solutions Payment Scheme (FSCS) if a firm goes bust. With fx cash transfer firms, it is not. There is no payment system if a transfer firm goes bust.

Cash transfer firms or FX brokers that are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorized do have to adhere to specific policies that does increase the chance of getting your money back must the company get into trouble.

Read our web page on checking the authorisation of a firm as well as what to do if something goes wrong.

If you’re sending out a great deal of money, you’re far better off trying to boost the chance of being safeguarded as well as utilizing an FCA authorized firm.
Using your financial institution or building society

Your bank or building society is constantly able to move money and also is a safe and also hassle-free method to send out money overseas.

Easy to prepare– your financial institution will certainly direct you with the procedure and you could also have the ability to make transfers from your mobile phone.
Convenient– banks and also constructing societies get on the high road and also you can set up a transfer as a regular settlement.
Safe and protect– you will certainly be shielded when you send money overseas using a UK bank or building society.


Often lower currency exchange rate– for quantities over ₤ 5,000, you’re more likely to obtain a much better currency exchange rate from a forex broker.
Not the fastest choice– common transfer takes 4-6 company days, but you can pay added for an express solution which takes 1-2 days.Some international financial institutions charge for getting the transfer. You can ask your bank to cover all the fees so the recipient gets the total.

If you make routine settlements

Several UK high road financial institutions have their very own branches overseas or unique arrangements with overseas banks.

This can lead to reduced costs (or on the house) on overseas repayments along with more competitive exchange rates.

This is especially useful if you require to make frequent payments abroad– as when, as an example, you’re footing the bill on a second house abroad.

To take advantage of the decreased costs, you usually need to hold an account in the very same name in both countries.
What you’ll need

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and also Financial Institution Identifier Code (BIC) for the account you’re paying to– the owner of the account can get these details from their bank or from a financial institution declaration.
You will also require the IBAN and also BIC from your own bank account, though for a transfer to an additional branch of your financial institution abroad they may not be required.

Using an online or high road money transfer firm

Discovering a cash transfer firm to assist you send cash abroad is very easy.

Some, like Western Union, have high road branches, as well as you can locate MoneyGram in Post Office branches. Lots of likewise offer on-line services.

Variety of services– some use instant cash money for your recipient, others can transfer cash straight into a bank account.
Easy set-up– you don’t typically need an account. For smaller quantities, you might not also require recognition.
Quick– a cash transfer can be completed in a couple of minutes. Sending out from a bank account can take a couple of days.


Charges vary extensively – depending upon the service you pick fees will be different and also can be especially high for smaller quantities. You can end up paying ₤ 10 to move just ₤ 50, so realize.
Exchange rates can differ day-to-day as well as according to money– so make sure you contrast prices on the day you prepare to send out the cash. You can frequently do this online.
Not as secure– the Financial Solutions Payment Scheme (FSCS) does not cover these companies if they go bust.
Making use of a high street money transfer solution

Exactly how it works:

You can locate a cash transfer solution via a high road agent, in newsagents or at the Post Office.
You generally do not need to open an account. Merely turn over the funds you want to send as well as pay any type of charges.
After paying you’ll get a referral number– offer this to the recipient (and also only the recipient). Whoever has the number can grab the cash you sent out to the overseas branch or firm.

Before turning over your cash money:

Inspect the charges– these services can be quickly, but costly.
If sending out ‘instantaneous cash’ abroad, find out where the cash can be collected. After that get in touch with your recipient to make certain they’ll have the ability to reach that branch or firm. Progressively, you could be able to send out cash money to a recipient’s mobile-phone ‘purse’ if they have one (making use of systems such as M-PESA).

Utilizing an on the internet cash transfer solution

How it works:

On-line transfers can take a couple of days, so they’re much better fit to non-urgent transfers.
On-line cash transfer companies enable you to make worldwide money transfers via on-line services, commonly for a very little cost.
To subscribe, you’ll need to register your checking account or charge card details via the company’s website– so you’ll need net gain access to and an email address.

Before sending money overseas:

Learn what your recipient will require in order to get the money. If they require a bank account, net accessibility or an e-mail address, validate they have them prior to you sign up.
To secure your money, make sure to select a password that’s difficult to guess and don’t share it with others.

Making use of a fx broker

If you’re seeking to send a large amount of cash overseas, you’ll most likely obtain the most effective bargain from a forex (FX) money broker.

Low fees– if transferring over ₤ 3,000, FX brokers will not generally charge you costs.
Great exchange rate– FX brokers specialise in money purchase and also will likely supply a much better exchange rate than a financial institution or cash transfer company.
Quick– money will typically be in the recipient’s bank account the very same, or complying with day.
Routine repayments– some FX brokers will take care of normal transfers.


Opening an account takes time– to make a transfer with an FX broker, you will require to open as well as pay into an account. This can take a day or 2.
Smaller sized amounts don’t give the very best offers– FX brokers are not normally finest for sending smaller sized amounts of money.
Not as secure– The Financial Solutions Settlement Plan (FSCS) does not cover these firms if they go bust.

Using contrast websites to discover the very best offer

When you’re looking for the best bargain to transfer there are some things you require to bear in mind:

Always utilize greater than one contrast site– some have special offers or do not reveal all the service providers, so you’ll miss out on some offers if you utilize just one website.

Make sure the bargain fits your demands– with a lot choice as well as varying rates, it can be distracting to opt for the very best rate. However constantly make sure the bargain has what you need, such as being FCA authorised, has a branch in the right location and so on.

Examine the filters– sometimes filters will conceal bargains, and also if that’s happening you may be losing out on your best deal.