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How A UK Accountant Can Help Your Business

As the director or owner of a business, you are accountable for the accounting records and have to ensure that they are accurate and reflect the financial situation of the business. If you’re not experienced, this can be a daunting task. It is crucial that accurate records are kept in order that the accounts are prepared according in line with current requirements of the law in order to avoid penalties. If you are deciding whether or not to hire an accountant, you must think about whether you are equipped with the experience to properly prepare taxes, accounts and handle other financial issues that might occur. Are there any opportunities for savings that accountants are able to make use of? The advantages of employing an accountant should be evaluated against the cost of the work performed and then a decision taken about what’s best for your company.

Focusing on the things that matter to you and your business

Your accountant is able assist you in growing your business by assisting you with your financial choices. When you delegate the work to an accountant you can focus on the running of your business. This includes meeting the statutory requirements regarding the kind of accounts you must submit. They can also make contact with HMRC in your name if you allow them to perform this. This lets your time to be able to concentrate on your goals. Accounting and bookkeeping maintenance can be time-consuming particularly if you’re just beginning this type of work.

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Plan ahead to improve cash flow and tax planning

An accountant can provide advice on tax planning strategies could benefit you financially. This could include the most effective legal structure for your company as well as acquisition of capital assets, investment opportunities , and employee benefits. They are knowledgeable about laws in force and coming into effect, they can advise on the best strategy to think about the future, and ensure that the deadlines are adhered to in order to avoid penalties. If they are knowledgeable about your business they are capable of providing advice on ways to increase cash flow, and you will be capable of advancing your company in the direction you wish to take it.

Expertise and confidence

While tax-related items such as a return appear to be simple but there are a myriad of rules and reliefs to be taken into consideration when filling these forms. With someone who is knowledgeable about tax law to help you navigate these difficult issues, you’ll feel confident that the tax burden is accurately determined. An accountant is knowledgeable and has current information on changes to tax law which means you are assured that you’re getting advice you can count on. Being able to avoid having to research on constantly changing laws will allow you to have more time for running your business. They also alert you to forthcoming changes to ensure you can implement any necessary changes to your business.

For instance, as part of Making Tax Digital, VAT-registered companies must submit their tax returns using software compatible with it. An experienced accountant has informed clients ahead of time and offered the required assistance. Being proactive about these changes, they reduce the impact on the day-to-day management of the company.

Accountants can help with routine tasks such as Payroll, to make sure you are in compliance with the relevant laws.