Do You Need a Degree to Get a Hong Kong Work Visa?

The short answer is no, not necessarily.

Having said that, having a degree absolutely assists when traveling to visa approval, particularly if you have post grad qualifications also.

The Hong Kong employment visa approvability test asks for unique abilities, expertise or experience of value to as well as not easily offered in Hong Kong. In the case of the work visa especially, the test is silent regarding the particular need for a tertiary degree qualification.

So this is essentially great news, right?

In one feeling it is, for certain.

The Good News Is the Hong Kong Immigration Division, pragmatic as ever before, identify that a diverse, highly vibrant economy is really included capabilities from all walks of life.

To their infinite credit report, ImmD have never ever fallen into the catch of assuming that an education and learning at the College of Life carries no worth, unlike so many various other national migration firms amongst created economies.

This is particularly real in the case of inter-company transferees.

Wanchai’s finest do seldom second guess the motivations of global companies looking for to transfer their staff members from one country to one more, not the very least to Hong Kong, so these work extremely rarely fail because of desire of visa permissions from Hong Kong’s Director of Migration (unless you are a ‘Bookseller’– yet that’s another story).

That stated, a handful of O degrees, a Secondary school grad certificate or the international baccalaureate diploma is not really mosting likely to pass muster if you do not have at least numerous years of direct experience in the line of job that is bringing you to Immigration Tower seeking a hong kong work visa to further your job in the HKSAR.

Having claimed aaaaaaaall that, there absolutely have been circumstances down the years where we have successfully secured employment visa permissions for customers who had only the barest of qualifications (the example of our 18 years of age eel farmer and also a 32 year old Samoan “water function rock as well as boulder placement professional” springtime quickly mind).

In the final analysis, the Immigration Department get on the look-out for real human capital.

They recognise that Hong Kong is competing for the brightest and also ideal from amongst the world’s developed economic situations and also if we are not alert to ability when it arrives on our front door, irrespective of letters after placed after a name, we will miss out as well as lose ground competitively.

Certainly, the security of neighborhood jobs is a crucial factor to consider in the application of the employment visa approvability test, however if the Hong Kong ID can make it function, they normally will.