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Why You Need Replacement Car Keys

Of the two million or more used vehicles sold every year in the UK Only a tiny percent will have two at least two keys.

A few of these new automobile buyers will be wise and call the auto locksmith, or the local dealer garage to purchase the spare key. There are many motorists traveling around with only one key. In reality, the estimate is that 40% of drivers in the UK do not own an extra car key.

If it’s due-diligence, or other reasons it is a good idea to keep a spare car key. Here are 10 reasons each car owner should own at minimum an extra key.

1.) Cost savings – Purchasing another keys from an auto locksmith when you own at least one key that works will help you save money. Auto locksmiths typically be able to complete less work and will not have for access into your car or to remove the locks.

2.) Relaxation If you’re the sole driver and a second key isn’t being used however it is still logical to keep a spare car key safe. This helps you avoid the stress of losing your keys and offers a backup when you cannot locate your keys, but you know that it’s in the home. If you’re running behind, you can use the spare key, and then search for the key that is missing later, in the time you’re able.

3.) Easy for two drivers. Typically cars are shared by two drivers and relying on one key may increase the chance of losing the key. If each person in the vehicle has their own keys, it is less likely that they will losing track of which key belongs to whom and also it will make it easier for another driver to hand through the door to get their key.

4.) Time-saving If you lose the sole car key, it could result in you being delayed and could be late for important appointment. This could cause you to lose your car for more than a week. A locksmith in the auto industry can usually replace keys lost to your car within 24 hours. However, certain major dealers may need to purchase a new key from overseas, which can take up to seven days.

5.) Convenience – A backup car key can help you avoid the hassle of taking your car to an auto dealer’s garage or waiting waiting for an auto locksmith to arrive.

6.) Driver settings Certain of the more sophisticated smart keys are able to store preferences. The key is spotted, the car alters the settings pre-defined by the user including the position of the seat, mirrors and the volume of the radio. Each driver is able to save their personal preferences in their car keys So having multiple keys is a clear advantage.

7.) Quick cloning – Certain car keys can be copied with the help of an auto locksmith minutes. The key is then inserted into a machine that analyzes the transponder’s information and then duplicates it on another key. In the event that you loose all the keys of the Toyota the cost of a replacement is massive because the ECU must be taken out and rebuilt. Bring your key to the locksmith shop where they will scan the key to determine whether it could be copied.

8.) Key replacements that snap Keys for cars are susceptible to snapping and bending. If the key snaps into two pieces, you’ll be grateful to have spare keys stored in a safe location.

9) Security of your vehicle – In the event that a car key is stolen, you’re at risk of key thieves finding and securing your vehicle. The thieves could gain access to your car prior to an auto locksmith can arrive, however when your car has a spare keys in your possession, you could access your car and drive it to a secure area to allow an auto locksmith cut a new key and erase the key that was stolen.

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10.) Access keys that are locked inside the car – If you happen to lock your keys inside the car, you’ll be able to use a spare key in order to unlock the car and get your keys. In the winter months, millions of motorists keep their keys in a moving vehicle while defrosting their windshields. A spare key can make it easier for you to save time and money by not needing to call an auto locksmith.

The 10 reasons we have listed to get an extra car key given you a sense of how vital having another key. If you have only one car key, don’t delay until it’s too late and get a new key now!