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Is The Simplisafe Alarm System Worth It?

In this post we take a deep dive into the benefits and drawbacks of SimpliSafe. Find out what this well-known DIY system is a winner and the areas where it fails in the home security industry.

When I moved into my new residence One of my top priorities was to get the security of my home. The options are endless I was overwhelmed and did not know how to begin.

One of the security firms for homes that kept popping up in my research was SimpliSafe.

After a few months of extensive study and suggestions from my friends and family members I made the decision to purchase an alarm system from SimpliSafe which has been securing my house since.

In this post I go over the advantages and disadvantages of SimpliSafe so you know what to get from this homemade home security solution.

Pros: Simple Installation No contracts, low monthly Cost, and Dependable Security

When I was researching Home Security Systems, the most important factors to me were

Equipment with a low cost and minimal monthly monitoring costs

A reliable, high-quality system that is durable and of the highest quality.

Options to personalize so that I pay only for the things I require

Installation and setup is simple. The final thing I would like to do was to spend all weekend time setting up a security system on my own and, worse yet you could end up installing it incorrectly and making the investment ineffective.

My delight is that SimpliSafe is living up to its reputation. It had one of the lowest costs in the market, top quality, customisable and easy to install and test.

There are many home security products to pick from, but the main advantages which pushed me to select SimpliSafe included:

Cost SimpliSafe is priced at SimpliSafe does not require a contract for a monthly period unlike other firms that want to make you commit for more than a year. The monthly fees are affordable ($14.99 for basic monitoring, or $24.99 for features that are more sophisticated such as setting settings and receiving notifications via an app. Prices as of November 2019) A one-time purchase of equipment is inexpensive. The equipment is covered by a three-year warranty. This means you will have a replacement free of charge in the event of any problems.

Monitoring SimpliSafe monitors your home. SimpliSafe utilizes 24/7 monitoring via cellular, so you do not require an internet connection, and even if the phone line is lost the system will be able to dial for assistance. Monitoring is not only for burglary, but also covers flooding and freeze, fire, or carbon monoxide. You may also decide not to pay for monitoring , and only make use of the alarm and siren to warn you and deter intruders.

Wireless – Unlike other devices that are hardwired into the walls of your house, SimpliSafe is completely wireless that allows users to relocate sensors from any location in your home with no problems.

Easy to use Setup is straightforward and easy, and took me about 30 minutes. It doesn’t require any special tools or skills The directions are easy to follow and will keep you in the loop through every step. Anyone can do it.

Each system comes with some essential items:

Base Station – it will be the central hub which communicates with the monitoring center via cell phone connections if your alarm sounds.

Keypads wireless – are used to arm and set the alarm system. The majority of alarm systems utilize keys to communicate with an alarm monitoring centre. Criminals are aware of this, therefore their first move after they break into a door is damage the keypad. SimpliSafe helps in this situation by communicating with the monitoring center via the quiet Base Station while distracting the burglar by making a loud sound off the Keypad.

Master Keychain Remote – this allows you to arm and disable the system from a distance. It also has an emergency button as well as an USB drive which you can plug into any PC and then modify the settings of your system.

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When I purchased the device I was able to select from a variety of options a la carte. I added several items to make sure that my home was completely covered.

Entry sensors – These are used to detect when a door or window is open

Motion sensors are used to detect any movement that is within 30 feet or 45 degrees right, left and up.

The siren’s 105 decibels are created to make criminals run for the hills and turn deaf

Smoke detector

Window stickers and yard signs that are a part of the battle, isn’t it?

SimpliSafe has many additional features that can increase your security, such as glass break detectors, cameras panic buttons as well as freeze and water sensors, etc.

I decided to put off on them, but should I decide to include them later on I could easily incorporate the system.

The Setup Process Was Very Easy

Once you have opened the package it prompts you to plug the USB drive that is on the keychain to your computer. When you have done that, a wizard comes up, and guides you through the procedure.

The wizard for setting up dumbs it down and provides all the data you need. I was often thinking, “but what about-What about-” and then as soon as I thought that, there was a solution my face. The directions eased any fears I was having about messing up the installation.

Once you have installed this system provides instructions on how to put it in testing mode to verify that all the sensors and sirens are functioning properly.

Cons: Issues with staying connected with the Monitoring Center and the high up-front cost

There’s no product that is perfect and SimpliSafe isn’t an exception.

After we had set up everything and tested it after which we received an error message on the keypad that read “No Link to Dispatches” that meant my system did not have a connection to the monitoring centre and no means of reaching for assistance should it be needed…yikes.

Fortunately, customer support was able troubleshoot and resolve the issue quickly. This Base Station defaults to a T-Mobile sim card in order to communicate with the monitoring system. the service of T-Mobile in my area isn’t excellent.

Within one day and an hour, they provided me with a brand updated Verizon sim card along with the instructions for installing it and solve the problem.

Update: SimpliSafe’s latest systems include an Verizon Sim card, which is used as the primary.

I’ve seen online reports of systems disconnecting randomly from dispatch many years after they set it up. It’s an alarming thought considering this connection could save your life.

If the connection goes out of service If it ever goes down, the Base Station will tell you immediately and will not stop reminding you, which can be annoying but efficient.

Luckily , this hasn’t been an issue since we switched sim cards. Fingers hoping it doesn’t happen in the near future.

Another disadvantage worth noting is the high upfront price. Contrary to many security companies which let you use their equipment for a monthly cost, SimpliSafe requires you to purchase the equipment in advance.

The exact price will depend on the amount of alarms, sensors and detectors you require However, it is around $500.

Unfortunately, you will need to buy the equipment in advance but in the event that you intend to maintain the system over time buying it could save you hundreds or even thousands dollars over the long term.

Final Review: SimpliSafe Is a Reliable DIY Home Security System

All in all, I’m happy with the purchase of SimpliSafe. My family’s safety particularly at home is the most important thing to me and SimpliSafe has given me the assurance I need.

I would endorse it to anybody searching for a low-cost and high-quality system that’s simple to install.

There are many alternatives, and each has advantages and disadvantages. I chose SimpliSafe as the most suitable choice for me.