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Big Advantages Of Using Your Local Bike Shop

It happens all the time: Your bike is damaged. Perhaps it’s worn out from being used so often. Perhaps you cooked it too much and sent your bike into the woods, causing it to bounce around and eventually causing damage. It might be time to sell your old bike and get a shiny new one.
You need to purchase mountain bike gear, regardless of the reason. There are several options. You can buy used on Craigslist or at a local forum. Or, you can buy new from an online retailer. These are 5 reasons to spend your hard earned cash at the LBS on your next purchase.
Help the Local Economy

Let’s face the facts – money is tight right at this moment for most people. The economy has been down for quite some time. Your local economy will be better off if you spend your money at a bike shop rather than online. Consider this: If you shop online for a part, all of the purchase price goes out of your local economy. It will be some of your money if you purchase it in a local shop. It may not all stay, but it might. You can move the remaining funds around the area more easily. Some of it goes to local taxes which can then be re-spent locally. Some of it goes to local bike shop employees who can then spend it locally. The cycle continues. Your money is spent in your community, and not far away.

Test before You Buy

Online shopping isn’t always the best option for certain items. It’s easy to think of clothing, helmets, gloves and shoes as items you would like to try before buying. You can also try accessories before you purchase. You can’t tell what you’re buying by simply looking at photos online. To see the quality of a product and its functionality, nothing beats being able to hold it in your hands. If you buy a bike, you can test it out at the bike shop Edinburgh. It’s not possible to test it online.

Support and service

Many people do not have the time or ability for a bike repair. For the mechanically challenged, buying a bike at a local shop or part of a bicycle has many advantages. Shops offer at most a year of tune-ups or adjustments free of charge, while others offer lifetime tune-ups on bikes bought there. The cost of parts installed at the shop is usually less than that of parts bought elsewhere. LBS will take care of any warranty issues that you may have, if anything breaks or doesn’t work as expected. You can buy online.

The LBS will have the part in stock if they don’t have it. If not, ask them about it. They can ship almost anything within a few days and you wont be charged shipping. LBS will ensure you get the right part. You can order anything that is not compatible with your riding style or bike, thanks to all the different components and standards. SRAM’s SRAM XX crankset is available with three different combination of chainrings, four different bottom brackets, two different crank arms lengths, and four different crank rings. This is 28 different configurations. And don’t even get me started on headsets!

The Human Connection

You build relationships when you buy locally (bikes, otherwise). LBS employees become friends and you get to know them. Even better, you’ll consider one another friends. You’ll enjoy many perks. Because they know you and your preferences, they can suggest gear that is right for you. The online shop can only provide a list with the most in-demand items. LBS can also assist you if you are a regular client. LBS can help you if your rear derailleur is damaged or lost during a race on Saturday. Shops will often take off parts from new bikes when they cannot get it in time. One of our LBS owners allowed a customer to borrow his personal bike while he replaced the customer’s frame under warranty. An online shop will not offer such a service.

They will support your riding scene

LBS grants back to the riding scene is the best reason to spend money locally. Have you ever seen an online shop host a charity ride, or race in your community? What about regular rides that they offer during the week. How about local advocacy groups? Have online stores donated money to them. Are you a trail worker for an online store?

LBS employees and their owners are part your riding scene just as you. They’re just like riders. You’re supporting your local riding community by spending your cash at the LBS rather than online. Although online shops may be interested in your money, they cannot help your trail or you as well as the LBS. Spend as you think is best.