The Different Types of Student Accommodation

Trying to determine what accommodation type to live in year that is next? Whether you are a first year wanting a clue or maybe you are a seasoned student searching for a difference of scene, you can find many choices open to you. We have outlined the gist of every accommodation type below, together with the primary key considerations as well as the primary cons and pros.
Uni-owned halls of residence

In case you are a first year, going directly into uni owned halls is 1 of your easiest and easiest choices, since it is arranged through your uni and also, based where city you are learning in, there is a high probability that the accommodation itself is going to be on campus or perhaps incredibly close to it. These kinds of halls are typically on the cheaper end of the spectrum – but paying out a low cost is not the target here; the target is usually to purchase a good brand new home for the following 12 months.

Geographical convenience is something which you truly need to go for, particularly in case you are going into the first year of yours. You won’t believe a 40 minute commute sounds too gruelling now, but hold back until you enter the swing of items – getting up in the early morning for lectures, meeting buddies for drinks or coffee on holidays, getting to and from evenings out in town, getting on the train station to check out the parents of yours because of the weekend or even to begin one day trip. The very last thing you need is a total mission every time you need to go someplace. Location matters for a heck of a lot.

Almost certainly, the installation is going to be that you will receive an area within a shared flat. Put simply, you will be posting a cooking area, a living space, and a bathroom with other pupils (usually between 4 and 6, such as you). Some unis also provide catered options, that is perfect in case you do not fancy channelling your internal Heston Blumenthal time shortly.

The drawback to uni owned halls is they are likely to be basic in terms of their interiors and facilities. Some are serviceable and nice, though others are grotty and rundown. Even when the halls look good on online photographs, you should really go to see them in individual before you register to live there – it is insane how much a lot of meticulously taken photos are able to differ from what you see in the skin, and also the very last thing you need is turning as many as accommodation which is like a Southeast Asian imprisonment.

The crucial pros: Location that is convenient (usually – check!); friendly setup; cheapish; organized through uni

The crucial cons: Potentially rundown interiors; simple facilities
Personal halls of residence, AKA personal (purpose built) student accommodation

Where uni owned halls usually present the bare essentials, personal halls go the entire hog – the great people do, anyway! – supplying you with state-of-the-art amenities and more rewards than you are able to shake a stick at. And by benefits, we do not mean super fast Wi Fi along with communal TVs – those ought to be given in a good student residence nowadays. Think gyms, games areas, cinema rooms, classy communal areas, comfortable study areas, free on site community occasions (like pizza nights, themed parties, etc.).

Naturally, excellent private halls are costlier compared to uni owned halls, but, like something in daily life, you will get everything you buy. Time for a fast food analogy: if uni owned halls are medium sized McDonald’s meals, personal halls are all those towering 5 Guys burgers which accompany those ridiculous soft drink flavours and also all those overflowing cups of fries in all those great brown paper bags. One does a project, whereas the other moves above as well as beyond to present something worth shouting about.

An effective provider is going to put all of the month expenses into a single lump sum for you so you do not need to juggle costs or even go through the difficulty of organising your very own suppliers. The rent of yours, the utilities of yours (including broadband), the maintenance of yours, and also your contents insurance will all be resolved without you being forced to do anything – once more if the provider is a bit of good.

With Newcastle postgraduate accommodation, there might be several options to pick from, based on the provider:

An ensuite room within a shared level (which you will show between 3 and 5 of the fellow students of yours) – this is probably the most frequent one and is wonderful for making new friends and also getting a laugh
A studio for only you (including a kitchen area along with a bathroom) – this is in addition a typical one today and is ideal in case you like your own personal room or maybe you require quiet and peace for your uni work
A dual occupancy studio or perhaps lifeless (i.e. for couples to share) – this is a rarer choice that you will just obtain with certain providers or in a few residences but is fantastic in case it is appropriate to you

Another huge advantage to private halls will be the quality as well as stylishness of the furnishings as well as the total appearance of the interiors. Which may appear a little shallow, though it is not: innovative interior design is able to allow you to be happier and more effective, each of which are crucial to you enjoying the time of yours at uni and also achieving academic success. Certainly that is worthy of a couple of additional quid a month, in the long term?

As for area, this can differ based on the provider, though the very best student residences are brief walks from uni campuses. Having lengthy super duper facilities into your accommodation is actually very well and good, but when the catch is you’ve to go for many months to and from uni – or even to and from every thing on the whole – well then it is most likely not well worth it.

The key pros: Modern facilities; luxuries provided (e.g. gyms and also cinema rooms); fashionable interiors; location that is convenient (probably – but check!); simple payment; sociable setup

The key cons: More costly than most uni owned halls
Private flat share (or on your own)

Private halls and uni-owned halls will be the 2 most popular student-accommodation alternatives out there, though they are not the only options. You can choose to swerve halls style accommodation entirely, opting instead to privately lease a normal apartment, where you can often show another student or even living on your own.

This particular accommodation type provides you with independence and also the freedom to follow the way you wish to, within reason, in your own personal room from everyone else – if that is what you would like. You might be ready to purchase the own pieces of yours of furniture and utilize all those (although landlords will be different on their policies with regards to furniture), and also you might have the ability to redecorate the apartment in a few aspects to fit your personal taste (again, although, different landlords will likely have unique policies: several allow tenants to personalise the decoration, whereas others strictly forbid it).

Do bear in your mind that private renting has its own bureaucracies and headaches. Essentially, you will need to sort anything out yourself: liaising with the landlord of yours (or maybe their allowing agent), ensuring all of the documents is filled out, staying atop your assortment of monthly payments and bills, maintaining the level and washing it with the landlord’s requirements, and purchasing things for the home when you want them.

in case you believe you will have best handle on many of this specific, wonderful, however, if you have never ever lived yourself before, you are likely much better off choosing halls – the place you obtain the independence of yours but there is much less responsibility and fewer hoops to go through.

Yet another huge component of private leasing is the price. Indeed, personal student accommodation is pricey, though it offers value for money and most of the monthly expenses are neatly and nicely offered in one or maybe 2 lump sums. With individual renting, the month rent figures are able to differ significantly based on the location and the property, from the suspiciously inexpensive to the outrageously costly.

The main pros: Independence and a’ real adult’ feel; your very own space; flexibility re. furniture as well as decoration (potentially – check)

The primary cons: General logistics and admin; much less sociable compared to halls; potentially costly and will accompany hidden/unexpected costs
Personal house-share

Another private renting route you can go down is posting a whole house with other pupils (usually between 4 and 6 individuals altogether).

Just like leasing a private level, you are going to have to organize this yourself, or being a number in case you and a number of mates are considering living together. Once again, you will suffer from landlords and permitting agents, complete forms, organize the utilities of yours and various other bills, and keep the location with general care and regular cleaning. There’ll be much more of you to split these responsibilities between, although, which makes it somewhat easier.

A private house share generally works out less than a private smooth does, because the price is distributed between much more of you. In case you are a particularly organised group, you might also chip in together for the weekly food store and thereby conserve some cash each (more evenings over, anyone?), but this’s far easier said than done, as well as may not be well worth the hassle in the long run!

Obviously, you will find student houses and then you will find student houses. Most of them are good old Victorian as well as Edwardian homes, so the trouble with properties this older would be that they are able to be damp and cold (an absolute nightmare in the winter), as well as prone to general disrepair. They are only some bad – some are lovely and well-maintained – but be extra careful when you head to viewings. Double-check, triple check, quadruple check, take your time searching round for possible issues, and also use the nose of yours – in case it smells a bit damp or musty, then it’s musty or even damp.

Furthermore , think about the area. What is that like? You will get a good grasp of this whenever you go to see the home, but go again at nighttime and see what it is like as soon as the sun comes down. Student houses often be placed inside the rougher aspects of the cities of theirs, meaning break ins really are a very real possibility. And this’s among probably the biggest downsides of private house shares in comparison to halls as well as private flats. With the other choices, you get specific (albeit varying) ph levels of security, whereas homes are easy goals for burglars. Wondering whether your bike or MacBook will remain there if you get home isn’t a nice feeling.

The crucial pros: Potential to split costs; friendly setup; great amount of freedom along with a sample of adult life

The primary cons: General logistics and admin; age of the home – i.e. potentially cool, likely damp; basic security
Make the decision of yours on which kind of student accommodation to visit for

Ultimately, it boils down to what arrangement is most effective for you. There is no wrong choice so long as you are pleased and you are feeling genuinely comfy in the accommodation you select.

As you are able to probably imagine, we believe the best bet of yours is private, purpose built student accommodation like ours. it is comfortable, it is trendy, it is secure and safe, it is convenient, It is sociable.

Living with us is easy: every month, you spend a single figure for every aspect – water, gasoline, electrical energy, broadband internet, contents insurance, motorcycle storage, parking, overall maintenance, a weekly kitchen clean, permission to access the laundry facilities, access to the gym, and permission to access all of the various other on site perks. You find the picture. All that you have to sort out on your own is the food of yours.