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Pros & Cons of a VW Transporter Swamper Set Up

Volkswagen Swamper All Terrain

We’ll go over every aspect of pros and cons, which I hope will with any queries you might have.

Advantages to the all Terrain Set-Up

If you’re using the van for camper, the al terrains will offer more traction on the grassy fields that are found in campsites
If travel to Europe is your style, one of the benefits is that the All Terrains are stamped with the 3 Peak Snow Mountain Symbol This means that you are able to travel around Europe throughout winter. Winter months without switching in Winter Tyres.
All Terrains All Terrains have a lot more tread than conventional tyre, so you can expect to be able to get more mileage from the All Terrain Tyre when compared to a conventional tyre.
All Terrains All Terrains will also have more robustness, and are with pot hole compatibility!
The greatest benefit is that your vehicle is ready for adventure!

Pros of The All Terrain Set-Up

Certain All Terrains can be loud.
Certain All Terrains can reduce the MPG of the van.

We will now provide a brief description of the brands we recommend and sizes we suggest.

Tyre Brands

The majority of the major All Terrain tyre brands are compatible, including:


The BFGs are the most sought-after choice.

They are the most aggressive looking and have outside white lettering that makes a fantastic addition to any wheel. (Outside White Lettering is only available in the 245/65/17 model.)

However , due to the characteristics of tread blocks, driving experience may be affected.

The tread blocks aren’t interlocked, which could cause vibrations between the tread blocks that could cause the noise and lower MPG.

But based on how is the insulation of the cabin inside the vehicle is,, noise could not be a concern.

The BFG can provide excellent off-road capabilities at camping sites and in conditions of snow when you plan to drive the van in Europe in winter.

If you’re looking for the full set-up of a swamper, the BFGs are the best option to choose!


General AT3 is a great option. General AT3 is a great alternative.

Excellent off-road and in snowy conditions.

Contrary to the BFG Generals don’t get outside white lettering.

But unlike BFG, unlike BFG however, the tread blocks of General AT3 General AT3 are all interlocked and joined.

The benefit of being able to have the tread blocks locked and joined, this can provide a more enjoyable driving experience.

With the tread blocks connected, the vibrations between them are lessened, which results in less noise, and only a slight impact on MPG.


Falken Wildpeak Falken Wildpeak offers great value in terms of price.

It’s not as bold than the BFG and with no side white option for lettering.

Falken is a good tyre. Falken is a nice looking tyre. It’s got an attractive sidewall that adds an attractive addition for any wheel.

They are locked exactly the same way as the Generals and, in turn, helps to provide a pleasant driving experience, less road noise , and is better for the MPG.


Tyre Sizes

A 275/40/20 is the biggest All Terrain you can fit on any vehicle that has normal suspension.

The largest size you can select is”18″ option.

These can be fitted to normal height vans without modifications or lifts needed.

235/55/18 This is still an over-sized one and looks amazing.

can be used on vans that are which are lowered down to 40mm.

245/65/17 is the largest size of tyre you can put in and will provide the greatest swamper effect.

BFG BFG is the sole tyre available in this size to have outside side with white letters.

No modifications or lifts are required.

This is also compatible with vans that are lower than 40mm.

The 235/65/17 is the most popular size for those who don’t need to go over the top swamper style.

The tyres of this size will have white letters on the outside.

We have designed this size van to be that can be lowered to 50mm.

225/65/17 is a great size for those looking to keep the distance as near to its original dimensions as it is.

They can also be fitted to vans with a drop of 50mm.


Are All Terrains noisy?

9/10 of people’s feedback is that they’ve never heard any road noise when they go from the standard tyres they use to all terrains, which includes BFGs.

If you’re concerned about noise, we suggest using the General AT3 and The Falken Wildpeak.

Does fitting an over-sized tyre Change My Speedo?

In the factory, speedos are likely to fall removed by five percent.

Fitting the larger tyres could actually increase the speedo reading.

We suggest running the sat-nav right next to the speedo to check what distance the speedo extends away.