Whisky Stones: Chill your liquor without diluting it

Whiskey Stones are cubes of sound soapstone that should chill your liquor without diluting it.

Unlike ice, Whiskey Stones are non porous and tasteless and odorless thus. Thus, including Whiskey Stones in your preferred bourbon will chill the spirit without impacting its flavor.

Because soapstone retains the temperature of its longer compared to ice, Whiskey Stones offer an sustained chill.

Softer compared to granite, soapstone will not inadvertently scratch the glass of yours.

Chill your liquor with no dilution

Nephrite whiskey stones would be the ideal present for the man (or maybe bad ass female) in the life of yours that loves a completely chilled single malt bourbon. These hand crafted soapstone cubes work just love ice, except that soapstone does not melt. Thus, the taste of the whiskey isn’t compromised.

Flavorless, odorless Whiskey Stones present a sustained chill

Ice is porous. This implies that it is able to take in the odors and flavors contained in the freezer of yours or maybe ice maker. Those potentially less-than-ideal aromas might ooze into the whiskey of yours. Gross. Additionally, ice melts and will dilute the drink of yours. Boo.

Whiskey Stones, on another hand, are non porous. Thus, they’ll chill your dram without impacting its flavor. The one thing you will discover in your cup is the beautifully healthy spirit.

Non-porous soapstone will not scratch the glass of yours

Whiskey Stones are easy to use: place them in the freezer of yours for 4 hours then add 3 to the drink of yours. The relatively gentle soapstone holds the temperature of its for hours and will not scratch the glass of yours.

Furthermore, the purely natural soapstone of Whiskey Stones is totally secure and endorsed by the FDA. It will not react with household solvents including water, detergent, alcohol, or maybe gentle acids.

Often Asked Questions

Question: Can I make use of Whiskey Stones with various other liquors/spirits?

Answer: Absolutely! Whiskey Stones are so named because they were initially designed by a male who loved the single malt whiskey of his. Nevertheless, any liquor that you simply want to chill without watering it down could gain from Whiskey Stones.

Question: Are they going to deal with wine?

Answer: They’ll. Nevertheless, we’d suggest Wine Pearls if you are just aiming to chill wine.

Question: Is it risk-free to expend Whiskey Stones into a liquid that I am going to consume?

Answer: We assume it is as protected as plying yourself with eighty % grain alcohol. We child, we kid! Sure, Whiskey Stones are risk-free to put into the beverage of yours. In reality, the FDA has classified them as such. We would not sell them in case they were not safe!

Question: Are the Whiskey Stones naturally cold? How can they truly cool the drink?

Answer: Soapstone (the substance which comprises the Whiskey Stones) should be cooled before heading into the beverage of yours. Just maintain Whiskey Stones in the freezer of yours and you will usually have a couple of convenient. You simply have 3 Whiskey Stones per glass. Talc, the main component in soapstone, is particularly effective at retaining the temperature of its for extended periods of time.

Question: Why should not I simply use ice?

Answer: Someone was not focusing in class! Whiskey Stones do not melt (so they do not water down the drink) of yours, they keep a chill for much longer, and also they are totally odorless and tasteless.