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Van security tips to keep your tools safe

A freedom of info request to the Metropolitan Police discovered there was 6,806 equipment thefts from vans in 2019. This averages out to much more than eighteen tool thefts one day in Greater London by itself.

The impact stretches beyond covering the price of the missing equipment and any harm caused on the van. Research by the Federation of Master Builders discovered fifty two % of tradespeople influenced by tool theft could not benefit no less than 1 day later, with seven % from action for 5 working days or even more.

The loss of reputational damage and income is able to leave tradespeople a huge number of fat out of pocket.

Right here we check out ways in which you are able to step up security for the van of yours and the contents of its.
Exactly how thieves break into vans

So exactly what we up against? Based on a Federation of Master Builders poll of October 2019, over 3 quarters (eighty three %) of UK builders had been victims of equipment theft, using more than 1 in 3 incidents (thirty eight %) concerning theft from vans.

This may entail prising open the side panel or maybe door (‘peel and steal’), busting windows or even picking locks.

And also as van doorway lock security moves with the occasions, and so do the thieves. Vans with electric locks may additionally be focused, utilizing a relay box to successfully replicate the owner’s crucial fob. Keyless theft is especially insidious, as it leaves absolutely no trace. And also it may be a while prior to the van owner realises they have been a victim of theft.
Select your van doorway locks wisely

Protect a van by keeping it locked when unattended is usually wise to stay away from opportunistic theft. Even in case you are simply paying for gasoline and unloading at the place of yours of work, make sure to lock up when the van’s out of sight.

Along with your van’s factory fitted security, you will find extra locks you are able to install.

Slamlocks are a favorite choice, which lock the moment the door slides or maybe slams closed. These guarantee the vehicle’s locked once you leave, which means you cannot forget about. This comes with the unique potential pitfalls of its though, like upping the risks of locking the keys of yours in the van.

When you are contemplating upgrading the van security locks of yours, getting van deadlocks installed is a beneficial choice. Deadlocks are a lot more hard to choose than the springtime mechanisms in regular slamlocks. They are going to need to get professionally fitted, nonetheless, and also differ widely across makes and versions.
Keeping the tools of yours protected in the back

In addition to always keeping your van locked when you are working and it is unattended, another method to keep the stuff safe of yours is unloading all of the equipment while not working.

But in case it is not sensible or even easy to unload completely in the conclusion of every working morning, it is wise to take extra measures to defend anything you continue in print on the other side.

Keep equipment from sight, therefore you are not showing a menu to would be thieves. If the rear of the van has house windows, think about getting them tinted, and finding a window blank or even grille. You are able to additionally get a sticker which says no tools are stored in the vehicle immediately.

These noticeable features hold the additional advantage of showing you care about your vehicle’s safety measures, that may prevent thieves in itself. It sends a message you are not gon na make it simple for them.

You are able to add an additional level of security and have something store, which may be anchored to the interior of the van. If it is impractical to unload the kit of yours in the conclusion of each day, a steel storage package with integrated lock can prove vital.

If the van does not currently have one, get a bulkhead to sort the cab from the back. When you’ve completely separate locks in the back as well as the cab, and also ensure you cannot open the back of the van from the dash, which will frustrate some efforts to take gear via smashing cab windowpanes.
Park smart

Even though some calculated thieves use hi tech techniques to kick into vans, many thefts are opportunistic.

As a result, parking the van of yours properly is one of the more useful – and lowest – security tips. Certainly parking up someplace brightly lit, with CCTV, is best.

Think of the doors of yours also. To park your sliding door or maybe back doors tight to a structure is likely to make it hard for burglars to open them, or perhaps get larger gear out still in case they are able to.
Protect your catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is an element of the exhaust system and converts combustion engine exhaust emissions into much less harmful gases. They have precious metals, so when need is significant for these metals, catalytic converter thefts grow also.

Also, since the exhaust is pretty simple to reach with many vehicles – and particularly those with good ground clearance – they are often simple pickings for thieves.

Apart from using the guidelines above to park properly, you should:

Stay away from parking one half on the kerb and one half on the highway, as this causes it to be less difficult to use the underneath of the van of yours
Consult your local storage area to weld the bolts making your catalytic converter even more hard to eliminate whether it is bolted on
Imagine a’ cage clamp’ that locks around the converter

If you notice someone acting suspiciously under a car, report it with the police.

Other van security measures

Buy a protected van: When searching for a van, be sure that it’s a Thatcham category 2 approved immobiliser and alarm
Lock down outside tools: If you’ve ladders or maybe tools that have being installed on the van’s exterior, make sure to secure them also with a lockable ladder clamp Keep an inventory: Make a comprehensive list in case things do make a mistake. This can enable you to put a cost on any specific losses incurred. It is not a dreadful strategy to preserve receipts for all of the gear of yours also. Not simply will this be helpful in the event of a van insurance case, though it is also available for your tax returns
Mark the property of yours: Marking the tools of yours with a UV pen or maybe stamp that is specific to you might help you purchase them too if they are recovered by police. And by you in case you likelihood upon them on Gumtree or perhaps in Cash Converters.