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The Popularity Of Vaping

In the world, it’s an industry that is worth more than of $22 billion. The popularity of vaping shows no sign of slowing down just as of now. So why do people vape?

#1 A better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

European Union statistics for tobacco smokers who consume at least 20 cigarettes per day on an individual European basis place the UK in fourth place. As of the summer of less than 15 percent of UK population had smoked cigarettes or tobacco products for the first time in a percentage had dropped to this minimally.

Many smokers choose vaping to help getting rid of the habit, however it’s not uncommon to find smokers who have quit who are turning to vaping to substitute smoking. As smoking rates decrease in the UK as a result, the amount of vapers increase but there are no statistics or figures on the number of vapers who are ex-smokers. According to the 2017 statistics from the Office of National Statistics, 5.5 percent (just less than 3 million people from the UK population) use vapes regularly.

Vaping as a substitute for smoking is logical in numerous ways. In addition to replacing the habit of “hand-to-mouth” action is deeply ingrained in smokers. vaping in public is much more popular than smoking cigarettes.

The transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping isn’t as simple like some people think. There are cravings and withdrawal symptoms however, for many smokers vaping can be a pleasurable experience that can replace their desire for cigarettes.

#2 Save money

Vaping can be expensive If you allow it go unnoticed. There are the devices to purchase that can range from low-cost to premium and there’s an increasing variety of vape flavors… it’s easy to know the story. But, limit your designer vaping desires and you’ll get an enjoyable experience that doesn’t come with a high price.

Since the last round budgetary hikes one package of 20 cigarettes is $10.76 This time, based on Office of National Statistics (ONS) price data for averages (back back in 1987 they cost $1.34 for a pack!). Also, using ONS statistics, the “average smoker smokes 11.3 cigarettes per day. In a 7-day period, this is 79.1 cigarettes, which is the hefty $43.04 per week.

For those who want to start smoking you can choose from a variety of kit kits to start however a mid-priced vaporizer comes in at a reasonable $24. After the initial cost you can pick a variety of flavored juices to select from, with premium products beginning at just $3 a bottle. Even if you’re a big vaper habit, it’s difficult to make the cost of taking in by smoking 11.3 cigarettes a day.

In reality, people who use vapes tend to be a more discerning lot. Vaping can be similar to smoking cigarettes in only a few ways however, with it being a passion for many people, it’s not just about obtaining a hit just to satisfy a desire or because you have the desire to satisfy.

3. Something else E-juice’s unique flavors

There are eliquids with tobacco flavours that are perfect for pipe smokers made of cream and cherry tobacco for those who love sweets or eucalyptus to create a menthol smoke. For those who smoke cigarettes the variety of flavors is practically absent.

For those who are vapers, there’s an endless variety of flavors and strengths, which is a feature that attracts many. From strawberry milkshakes to cherry cola e-liquids, the world of ideas and experiences is waiting for the modern day vaper.

#4 A new pastime

At first there was a very limited selection of e-cigarettes and vaporisers to pick from, and lesser in terms of the flavors of e-juice. With time the options for the hardware started to expand, along with the flavours, tanks and coils. Of course, advances in technology also provided vapers a more enjoyable experience.

If you have an interest in learning and the ability to design and create, vaporizers are able to be constructed and taken apart. If you’re a person who likes to play with and also vaporizing it has brought a whole new world of entertainment right to the palm of their hand.

Much like people who like automobiles and tinkering under the hood There is an increasing number of vapers who design and tweak their own gadgets.

#5 How to become an expert in vaping

What can smoking at higher watts accomplish? How do you get huge clouds when you smoke? What is the process to make your own flavored vape juice? It is a subject of debate, debate, and growth the vaping industry is just beginning to take off with many aspects which means that it’s the perfect time to invite experts to its ranks.

The typical user may not be interested in these questions and the answers in all sincerity, however similar to those who consider the hobby as a pastime, there’s a growing group of vapers who are pushing the limits of vaping and technology to its limits. It could take a lengthy, length of time to understand the many nuances of vaping, but by doing so, you can be embarking on a rewarding journey.

#6 Relax and unwind

Modern life can be stressful. With the constant flow of messages, tweets and texts of anything that is happening anyplace in the world, de-cluttering all the stress can be an overwhelming task.

Yoga running, running, hiking, reading books… there are so many ways to unwind, chilling and unwinding. There’s also vaping.

There is a widespread myth that all e-juices contain nicotine. It’s not true. There are many non-nicotine flavor E-juice flavors, such as Black Tea described as ‘just to have fun’. This means that the process of smoking, the intense exhalation and inhalation, leave you feeling wonderfully chilled after another hard week of pounding the pavement of work and life.

#7 It’s a thing that’s social.

It’s not necessary to smoke as everyone else does and you shouldn’t smoke like your friends or drink as they drink because they do. Vaping isn’t about chasing an e-cigarette or joining the latest trending fad.

However, there’s an enjoyable social aspect to vaping that we do not notice with other activities. Being part of a large vaping community isn’t a good thing, as shown by the increasing popularity of shows and events such as Vape Jam UK. With events held in London and Liverpool hundreds of vapers are expected to learn about the latest innovations in vaping.