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Generate new ideas with a product design agency

If this is the first time you have thought about getting help from an expert design company, then you’ve probably got a problem that you need to solve and are considering your options and the benefits the expertise of a design expert could bring. It’s likely that you’ve come across the problem you don’t know how to solve and don’t have enough resources available to solve or has something else making it impractical to solve internally. The majority of the time, it comes down to some combination of pressures in a business, normally lacking time, expertise or agility. You probably will fall into one of these types of camps:

There isn’t the knowledge to tackle a challenge in-house
You don’t have time or resources to solve it in-house
You don’t have the agility to tackle the issue within the required timeframe
You need to create something fresh, but internal efforts have yielded predictable results

A product design consultancy will be able to solve all these issues. Based on your company’s size in terms of size, size, industry and the position you hold as a member of it design service could provide many benefits and advantages.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using product designers Flynn from the perspective of the client , as well as the different issues they can assist with. Here are 10 benefits to employ a design consultancy.

The reasons to engage consultants for design

1. Consultancies could have knowledge that you don’t

Each of the design consulting firms are alike and tend to specialize in distinct fields. Some focus on strategy, while some are more creative, others specialize in more technical areas such as medical and drug delivery devices. In the case of your particular challenge you might find an agency that has the expertise you do not , which could mean that you don’t have to build these skills in-house. Locating a design firm who know your business and has the knowledge that you require can offer important insights that will save you time and money.

2. You can focus on results rather than on the details

When you decide to work with a consultancy, you are hiring an already-designed design team that has the procedures and systems for tackling problems which are in use. Your company will have a project manager to ensure that the project on track, as well as engineers who can design solutions to issues that can otherwise consume your energy, time and focus. So instead of having to solve every problem you can step back and look at the bigger picture for your plan. It allows you to focus on the business context as well as the value you can bring to your participants. It helps keep momentum going and your enthusiasm for a project.

3. They may have solved a similar issue prior to

There are times when you’ll come across the design company that has previously done something similar to what they are doing, they may have designed an identical product, been working in your industry previously or worked on a similar problem in a different sector. In any case, the obvious upshot of this is that they probably already have a good understanding of your business, your customers or the issue at hand. They may also already have a good understanding of the regulatory and technical aspects and can help you resolve your issue faster and with less effort.

4. You don’t have time or resources available in your own home.

Sometimes, it’s not a lack in knowledge, expertise or skills that you’re facing, but rather it’s an insufficient accessibility to those resources. There could be hundreds of designers and engineers in your company but they could all be busy working on other projects or maintaining existing products. A product design consultancy can be a design department that you can parachute into your company to tackle a specific issue without taking focus away from other important projects.

5. Internal development will take too long

If your company is massive, the odds are everything takes quite a long time. Particularly product design and development. There are lots of reasons that this occurs and it gets more severe the larger the business is. Design consultancies are typically agile companies and large businesses could benefit from consulting with design consultants due to their agility, creative and problem solving ability. Even if your company isn’t so big, as they focus on product design and engineering, consultancies are usually geared to accomplish tasks faster than what you could do at-home.

6. You want a fresh perspective

If you’ve attempted to come new ideas, but continue to come up with predictable results you might want to look beyond your organisation. One of the main responsibilities of a consultancy for product design is to challenge the way you approach things and present you with solutions based on their own research into the market and needs of users. These solutions may include ideas that you might not have considered (otherwise why would you need them?). Handing your problem to someone else outside of your organization to solve it can yield insightful and innovative solutions particularly when they are driven by a strong design thinking approach.

7. You shouldn’t be able to hire for a temporary project

Another advantage that comes with working with a design consulting company is that they have access to a pool of talented and skilled people who are usually skilled equipped with modern tools and following the well-oiled design procedure. A consultancy for product design acts as an easy-to-use design department within your company and should be able join and get quick to get up and running. It is advantageous because you don’t need to find a new employee which is especially beneficial if it is only a temporary demand or you want to be able to move quickly. If you are working on a short term project which requires a team and you do not want to employ consulting firms, then working with a consultant might be the best alternative for you.

8. You can accomplish more in less time

A design consultant for products is the equivalent of a design engineering department within your business. While also providing a place to explore new ideas and fresh concepts, having a design consulting firm on board can enhance the ability of running more projects at the same time. Your design consultant will be responsible for coordination and management, directing the right project managers and technical personnel to your projects. They can provide multiple briefs , or even multiple design consultations on various projects in order to accelerate your progress.

9. They are able to step in when you lose key team members

Companies are not always well-equipped and even when they do, the balance of power can change if a team member leaves or a new possibility or problem arises in which the team lacks the expertise. Design consultancies, by their nature are typically able to offer many people as well as skills, and usually will have employees who can help fill a gap at short notice. This can be particularly useful as recruiting the right candidate and replacing skills lost will often take months.

10. You don’t have to set up an in-house design team

If you don’t launch new products regularly, it can be costly and ineffective to hire a designer or product design team within the company. It is possible to collaborate with a product design consultancy when you have a new project and then after the project has been completed there are no further financial or legal obligations. It also helps decrease the possibility of losing knowledge through people leaving your company, especially when your business isn’t large or has a tiny design team.

How many of these apply to you?

You are likely to have at least that one or more of these pain points is relevant to you. From the biggest to the most small of businesses the majority of them have experienced a mix of these issues. From small businesses that lack experience in key areas to global businesses that are threatened by the rise of competitors and needing to be more flexible. The problems are quite universal therefore if you’re facing some new challenges, you might consider contacting certain consultancies.