5 reasons why oak is the ideal material for your home building, renovation and improvement projects

If you’re preparing a new task, whether you’re seeking to revamp your kitchen area, add an expansion or develop a new residence from the ground up, using oak can supply many advantages that other materials do not provide. From its resilience, special appearance as well as sustainability, we take a look at the 5 top reasons you must think about making use of oak:

  1. Look
    Oak is a premium quality, distinct material, with a rich colour. It has an extremely attractive wood grain, particularly if it is quatersawn, which adds a sophisticated appearance. Oak additionally creates a rustic sensation and also with exposed beams, it can instantaneously add character to your residence.
  2. Longevity
    Although there more than 500 varieties of oak around the world, there are 3 common attributes that this magnificent wood flaunts; oak is solid, resistant to wetness and also very long lasting.

Few other woods can compare to oak for support beam of lights as well as structures of structures, that makes it a favorite for home builders as well as woodworkers.

You can guarantee that the structures will certainly endure versus the aspects for many years to find. As a matter of fact, numerous residences were developed from oak during 1500’s and prior to as well as are still stand strong centuries later, with the oak itself getting stronger the older it ends up being.

  1. Flexibility
    Oak is a widely made use of material, especially in structures. Nevertheless, it is also used in a variety of various other locations, consisting of furniture such as cupboards, floor covering and also even deliver structure. Oak is an optimal material for boats because of its toughness and also resistance to rot, degeneration as well as pests such as bug and fungal attack, which also means that it requires practically no maintenance.
  2. Sustainable
    Oak has actually been used for numerous centuries in the UK due to its accessibility and prominent top qualities. Although all tree kinds can be regrown separately, whole forests are irreplaceable as well as not all kinds of lumber is gathered in an eco-friendly method. It is critically important that we are all liable and also check that we are not contributing to globe logging.

Oak can still be utilized today as long as we function responsibly. The quantity that is used in the structure industry is largely dictated by its fairly high price. Oak is a premium product, so it only often tends to be made use of in circumstances where it is to be seen as well as treasured.

At Top Notch Oak, we build Hand Crafted Oak Buildings from lasting sources. We just make use of oak from sustainably managed woodlands, where several new oak trees are grown whenever one is chopped down. We additionally have a chain of custodianship certification from 2 world recognised bodies, the FSC as well as PEFC. These organizations look after the world’s forests as well as see to it they are managed properly.

  1. Environmentally Friendly
    Trees spend their life times absorbing CARBON DIOXIDE that remains in the environment, and also releasing oxygen. The carbon captured from the atmosphere by our wonderful oaks is bound into their fibers over hundreds of years, before being chopped down and then made into a home, where it will certainly stay completely. Eco-friendly oak is additionally a very uncomplicated product to utilize, it does not require huge amounts of fossil fuel to create, much commercial reprocessing, or chemical therapies which are hazardous to the setting, as a few other woods or materials like brick and concrete need.