What is link tracking?

What is web link tracking?

If link monitoring is allowed, every single time when the web links within your email messages are clicked/opened by the recipient, you will get a notification in your internet browser.

Exactly how does web link monitoring work?

When web link tracking tools are enabled, your web links will certainly be automatically masked with our tracking web links. It will certainly redirect the customer to the final location LINK hyperlinked by you. When any type of recipient clicks the masked LINK, our server will be sounded and also you will get the notification instantly.

How to prevent spam filters? How to remain secure from spam filters while utilizing link monitoring?

Concealing the actual location of a connected message is a common technique of what are called phishing strikes where an incorrect URL is concealed behind what appears to be a reputable LINK. Email spam filters may flag tracked links as spam as a result of this.

To decrease the chance of your email being flagged as spam by your filters, we advise using detailed links.

As an example, usage

YourDomain rather than www.yourdomain.com
Mail Merge Project as opposed to www.yourdomain.com/send-mass-email/

On unusual events, the recipient’s mail filters may flag web link tracking enabled e-mail as spam despite using detailed links. These are extra ideal techniques which will decrease the chances of your link tracked e-mail being flagged as spam:

Be sure to include your recipient’s e-mail address in the To: area
Ask your recipient to whitelist your email address in their spam filter
Maintain your email brief and also concise
Consist of the date in your email body

Points to avoid when drafting an e-mail:

Speaking about winning or shedding money
Creating an e-mail that resembles a mortgage pitch
Words like “Money back assure”