Rats in the workplace and UK law

Rats in the workplace is mostly going to be covered under UK law by the Health and Safety at work act 1974. When considering pest control legislation the main concern is protecting the health of the staff, and in a lesser extent the fire hazard that could result from a rat infestation.

With rats in the workplace health and safety UK regulations in mind, the building manager should look for rat pest control near me and book a rat exterminator in at the earliest opportunity. Then the second step is to consider that all the surfaces have been contaminated by rat droppings and carry out a deep clean paying special attention to food preparation areas and food cupboards.

There are a number of rat urine disease that can affect humans, above all if they suffer from underlying health conditions. So the third step would be to encourage any staff that are concerned to visit their GP and get checked up.

Finally, the last step would be to rat proof drain pipes or any access points that would allow them inside the work place. Comparing pest control near me prices will often highlight the various type of strategy available. Office or building managers should thrive to employ an integrated pest control approach.

Trapping, proofing and drain work is the most indicated if we want to avoid dead rat smell affecting the area where staff are working. How to get rid of dead rat smell is by covering it up using specially designed products such as Rotech Odour Mask, or trays of disinfectant that would diffuse neutralising vapours into the air.

Employers may be particularly exposed to law suits by disgruntled employees if they would disregard this issue, or fail to take remedial measures to ensure the staff safety. I recall a particular job in a London hotel  that stored used up mattresses in the courtyard, many staff had complained from sightings and the company had send various pest control companies that did little more than throw bags of bait indiscriminately that rats completely disregarded.

What happen, is one of the staff got bitten, it went into litigation, the company agreed to have us in to carry out emergency proofing. Then we treated, instead of plain wholewheat bait we used a very large quantity of Deadline wax bait blocks, and after 3 weeks of continuous treatment the issue was gone.

When there is rats in the workplace, how much is pest control should not stop you from pulling out all the stops in accordance with pest control legislation. Not doing so can have a heavy human cost as well as litigation and compensation cost.